We clean like it's our business.

Because it is.

Carolina Rug Cleaning Method is different than any other carpet cleaning professional carpet cleaning method in the industry because it gets the deep down dirt without soaking, shrinking, mildewing, warping, molding or leaving any sticky residue afterward… GUARANTEED.

Carpet, & Upholstery

Carpet cleaned with the Carolina Rug uses a Dry Shampoo Extraction method without using unnecessary gallons and gallons of water.

Mattress, Curtain, & Drape

After a certain amount of time drapes and curtains begin to look dull and dingy. Carolina Rug can change that.

Auto, Boat, RV, & More!

We restore the original beauty of your cars, vans, RV’s, aircrafts and watercrafts carpet and upholstery.

The Carolina Rug & Upholstery Method

Are you tired of spills and stains being embedded in your carpet? It is always a pleasure to see how clean and bright your carpets look after they have been professionally cleaned. Finally, thanks to the Carolina Rug advanced technology, now you can keep them looking bright and clean by applying Carolina Rug’s Carpet Protestant.